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Well, it’s out and it’s good at what it does, even if nobody could have anticipated it would be distributed this poorly nor deviate so much from the amount of people it should be converting to true believers. Nope, it’s not the Covid 19 Vaccine it’s a Cyberpunk videogame set in 2077. Abbreviated to Cyberpunk 2077 for decreasingly anomalous marketing purposes.

By similar measures it is around 69.99 USD, marketed with piss yellow as its trademark colour and it’s everywhere. And I do mean bloody everywhere. What kind of sophisticated targeted algorhythmic advertising lead the Yahoo world news page for…

The last top ten of the decade list you’ll ever need. Or that outlets will ever be able to properly formulate.

I think that the golden age of the hour drama was, at the start of this decade, a misapplication and at the end of it, came to resemble more of a scam. It’s best to remind ourselves that the anointment of the hour drama to a place where it would overtake films as the screen-based dollop of artistic betterment was the stated prophecy of several very serious publications and the propeller system for the launches of, thinkably, HBO and their streaming services, most of More 4’s primetime slots, the complete retooling of BBC1’s primetime slots, the near total retrofitting of…

You’re five years too late with your 6.8/10 and your tongue clicking about character development.

‘The game is fun. If it’s not fun, why bother?’ It’s been three yes since Nintendo of America’s head, Reggie Fils-Ame managed to says these words to camera without visibly breaking a sweat or ushering guffaws from the film crew. Three more years in which videogames have asserted their position as probably the last entertainment hyperobject you can walk into a store and buy. …

Summer 2019 In ‘Disability is a Benign, Oversubscribed Lifestyle Factor.’

An erroneous wheelchair sign in disneyland depicts the user getting up out of it to get ready for a ride.
An erroneous wheelchair sign in disneyland depicts the user getting up out of it to get ready for a ride.

Something has happened to the way we talk about disability and to the levels of disability denialism people are regularly exposed to. I have never been one to gatekeep disability, to act like the esotericism of a diagnosis is enough to shut people out of a conversation about disability or to relate their lives to my own. I have watched as government policy makes life worse for disabled people on a daily basis and made sure to link my criticism to the broader critique of what it is conservative rhetoric does to vulnerable people. There is no twenty minute Medium…

A Dispatch From One of the Most Progressive Countries In the World.

Picture: Viktoria Kessler.

Norway, great twin nation of Great Britain, maybe. A few imported words here, an underdog resistance to being ruled by the Nazi’s there, a bit of monarchy between friends; that sounds more like a dozen or so territories in Europe at the time. No, I think I’ll save my praise for my new home for the actual experience of a post-imperial, post-constitutionally ratified space which is enjoyed by neighbours, tourists, shelf workers, British expats, American expats and immigrants of just about every nationality and creed. Why the distinction between expat and immigrant? For that we have to examine the rules…

Doki Doki Literature Club’s Aftertaste in the Era of A 1 in 5 Suicide Rate.

I played this one visual novel called Katawa Shoujo. I happily digested the slow default text speed, the bad cultural translations and the second-act-and-beyond abandonment at any attempt at constructed prose. There were cute girls in that ineffable anime style and they all fancied a bit of me, or some idiot I was playing as but whatever, I’d been gratified by this little story and it’s choices and the occasional nostalgically depicted kissing scene — and good on me too; most were just playing this one for the hand drawn sex scenes, so said the detractors.

Yeah it had lots…

Gabriel Headington

Narrative Design, Violence, Discrimination, Disability, Technology, Bad Videogames. Gratitude for every single view or read.

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